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Don't Waste Money Replacing " RESURFACE and SAVE"

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"We're extremely proud of just how far we've come as a thriving company over the past 28 years in business"

                            The All Surface Technology Team
Welcome to our Niche Market Web Site for Repair and Resurfacing of Kitchen, Bathroom and Floor Surfaces. The following pages of this site will give you a good idea of how many services in repair and resurfacing of Kitchens and Bathrooms you'll offer your customers. All Surface Technology is celebrating it's 28th year in business. We've enjoyed much success over the years and now we're giving you this same exciting opportunity to learn our trade right from the comfort of you're own home with our proven DVD Training Program and be ready to start earning a significant income in no time. Good Old Fashion Common Sense!

If you have a desire to succeed and win this unique opportunity is just what you've been looking for. This business is not weather related because most of the time your work is inside, No Corporate mish mash, you're the boss and this economic down turn we're all experiencing, does not effect our business. Consumers still need workdone and the money we save our customers over replacement cost is Astronomical.

           Vanity Top Before                 Vanity Top After

To replace this commercial double sink vanity top and side panel
would have cost the customer $985.00
We repaired and resurfaced this vanity top for
only $295.00 and the entire job took 1.5 hours
and we had only $10.00 in material cost.
     You do the math and see just how profitable this business is!

     Check out our following Web Site Pages for   
more exciting examples of PROFITABILITY!



 This site has been designed for the many Americans who are out of work, laid off, looking for a new job which is not out there or you're way over qualified for whatever job you might find and employers are not willing to pay you the income you need and deserve We've made you're decision for your future much easier with our new Innovative DVD Training Program with a very low investment. You can learn this specialty trade with absolutly no past experience or knowledge. 

If you have an average amount of common sense, we'll honestly show you how to make a very good income in your own repair and resurfacing business and work for yourself but not by yourself. We'll give you ongoing phone support 5 days a week anytime you have any questions of any kind which makes this an easy opportunity to get up and running fast and work right from you're home and very low overhead. All you have to do is listen and not re invent things and you'll do great! 

This is a proven system and even with the soft economy we're still extremely busy because customers still want things improved and they love to save save save!

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All Surface Technology,Inc.



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Winter Park, Florida 32789      

"This Is Your
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