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Don't Waste Money Replacing " RESURFACE and SAVE"

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                 All Surface Technology Training Program Highlights



1.  I’ve been earning a great income in this business for over 28 years.


2.  I'm a man in his 60’s that does this every day and anybody can do it. This is not a difficult business to learn and run by a one man operation or grow with it!


3.  You can easily earn an excellent income as quickly as two weeks from starting.

4.  Our lead source will also send you customers in your area and they cost only $7.00 to $20.00 each.  Not bad when you figure some jobs are three to four thousand dollars from a $7 customer lead cost.

5.  We manufacture our own custom formulated materials and they are the best of best for materials to be used in our business. State of the art!  We offer a full warranty and any new resurface job we perform and will last 30 years or more.

6.  Work from home and keep you’re overhead very low.

7.  All it takes is willingness to work and an average amount of common sense and you'll be ready to go in no time. "NO RE-INVENTING our system"

8.  We include a specialty tool and equipment package you simply lease from us, start up material package and you receive a  protected territory in writing, be completely trained and have step by step printed training manuals for ongoing reference as well as a complete set of five Training DVD's which train you in all aspects of our repair and resurfacing business videoed on the job one step at a time.


9.  We offer a Lease Agreement which includes your Protected Territory and if after the First Six Months you decide for any reason you don't want to continue to operate this business, simply return all tools and equipment in our rental agreement  and we'll release you of any obligation within our lease, no strings attached. This is unprecedented in starting a new business.


We're already sure that after six months you'll want to continue this exciting business.


For more details please send us an email at: or call us at 1-800-459-3554.