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Don't Waste Money Replacing " RESURFACE and SAVE"

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The following information will give you a good idea of just how profitable our business is:

1. Repair and resurface porcelain bathtub:

Total price for job--------------------$620.00
Time to do entire job was 2 Hours
Material cost for entire job--------$15.00

2. Repair and resurface fiberglass bathtub and fiberglass walls:
    Repair----------------------------- $195.00
Total price for job---------------------$1,045.00
Time to do entire job was 4.5 hours
Material cost for entire job--------$38.00

3. Resurface porcelain bathtub, china sink and ceramic tile walls around tub are:

    Resurface bathtub----------------$  425.00
    Resurface china sink-------------$  145.00
    Resurface ceramic tile-----------$  465.00
Total price for job------------------$1,035.00
Time to do entire job was 5 hours
Material cost for entire job--------$41.00

4. Resurface kitchen appliances:
    Resurface oven door------------$140.00
    Resurface cook top-------------$145.00
    Resurface range hood-----------$125.00
    Resurface Refrigerator---------$265.00
    Resurface dishwasher-----------$135.00
    Resurface kitchen sink---------$145.00
Total price for job--------------------$955.00
Time to do entire job 6.5 hours
Material cost for entire job-------$26.00

5. Hotel job--Resurface 10 bathtubs and ceramic tile around each tub:
    Each tub and tile was priced lower for quantity of work
    Each tub and tile ------------------$550.00
Total price for job---------------------$5,500.00
Time to do entire job 1 man, 5 days
Material cost for entire job-------$280.00

6. Hotel job--Repair 27 kitchen laminate counter tops:
Price to do entire job----------------$4,455.00
Time to do entire job 3.5 days, 1 man
Material cost for entire job------$16.70

7. Remove cigarette burn marks on 7 cultured sink tops:
Price to do entire job---------------------------$525.00
Time to do job 2.5 hours
Material cost for entire job------------$5.50

8. Resurface laminate counter tops in average size kitchen with Stone Finish:
Price to do entire job----------------------------$750.00
Customer's price to replace counter tops was $2,650.00
Time to do entire job 3 hours first day, 1 hour second day, 4 hours total
Material cost for entire job-------------$42.00

9. Repair and resurface kitchen counter tops and cabinets (Solid Color) in 57 rental condo units (2 men)
Price to do job-------------------------$64,125.00
Time to do entire job 2.5 months
Material cost for entire job--------$6,726.00

Remember----Work from you're home and keep your overhead low and make some really good money!